WHY choose suncabo?


At Sun Cabo Property Management, we take pride in professionally managing some of the most luxurious vacation homes in Los Cabos. We provide an extensive list of five-star services to homeowners in our collection, including hiring and training staff, assisting with home insurance and taxes, paying bills, tracking and anticipating future expenses, plus managing routine maintenance, construction and repairs.

We work with homeowners to ensure high standards of honesty and integrity are maintained when it comes to your property. In business since 2001, Sun Cabo has grown into one of the premiere management companies over the years and decades through hard work and dedicated staff. We value the strong relationships we’ve made over the years with homeowners and strive to bring that same elevated level of expertise and commitment to new luxury property owners.

Professional & EXPERIENCED Staff

When you partner with Sun Cabo Property Management, you can be assured our staff of professionals is experienced and reliable when it comes to servicing your property management needs. Our team is highly knowledgeable about the Los Cabos area, from navigating the local legal system to handling financial issues, expenses, maintenance and more. Many members of our team have worked with us for many years. This helps to ensure you get the highest levels of service when it comes to your property.

professional services

At Sun Cabo Property Management, our management services are not limited to traditional repair and upkeep. We offer an extensive number of professional services to homeowners, including banking assistance, medical assistance with an in-villa doctor, staff management, help with home insurance, taxes and bills as well as full concierge services, event planning (birthdays and celebrations) and our team of professional chefs and butlers.

We also have a licensed legal advisor on staff, an accounting team to help prepare a monthly home budget, plus a team of professionals trained to carry out your landscaping, maintenance and repair needs. All staff members utilize the latest property management software on their smartphones to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest tasks. We provide comprehensive professional services designed to cover all of your pressing needs as a luxury property owner in Los Cabos.


Sun Cabo Vacations is also the premiere luxury villa rental company in Los Cabos, Mexico. Whether you’re just interested in a couple of rentals per year or a lot more, our team of professionals can get you up and going and generating revenue for your investment while you’re away. Of course we screen all groups to make sure you only receive the desired clientele that you’re comfortable with.