• Employee Management:
    Whether you need full time permanent employees or just temporary help as required, we can manage the hiring, training and implementation to your highest standards. Mexico has some unique payroll requirements so let our staff navigate the HR maze and make sure that employee contracts are properly handled and staff is paid in full and on time to avoid any problems. We will also interview and hire staff as required or simply provide various part time workers as required.
  • Home Insurance:
    Protect your Cabo investment with house insurance to cover you for all of those unexpected events including hurricane insurance. Quotations provided for liability, hurricane, medical and life insurance. Homes, Car, and Boat/Yacht coverage available. Of course we will maintain any existing coverage.
  • CFE Electric:
    Make sure bills are paid promptly and on time to avoid service interruption. Our qualified staff are well versed at navigating complicated ownership transfers and general issues with CFE.
  • Taxes/HOA:
    Ensure property taxes are paid promptly to receive the largest early pay discounts. Payment of HOA fees and dealing with the Association. We also have a professional tax accountant to assist with any unique or special requirements.
  • Fideicomiso:
    Annual renewal of the homeowner’s fideicomiso (Homeonwer’s Trust)


Our professional property managers will make sure your appliances are properly maintained and that the correct parts and servicing is provided. Quotes provided as required for new equipment.

  • Plumbing:
    Septic systems are properly maintained to prevent any unnecessary foul odours. Plumbing inspected regularly to detect any leaks or worn parts. Seals replaced and preventative maintenance keeps things running smoothly.
  • Air Conditioning, Refrigerators & Ice Makers:
    Regular servicing and preventative maintenance procedures for all equipment. Air conditioner units are checked regularly and thoroughly to make sure they are running at optimal performance.
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Servicing:
    Let our team of professionals make sure your vehicles are serviced and maintained on a regular schedule. Whether it’s simply an oil and filter change or major repairs, or maybe that bit of damage you need repaired, we have the people to do it properly and professionally. We can also make sure your vehicle is vacuumed, cleaned, polished and ready for your arrival!
  • Painting & Touch Ups:
    It’s important to make sure your exterior paint is well maintained to protect it from the sun, dust and salt water. Interior walls frequently need touch ups or complete color changes. Our team is prepared and well equipped to handle all requirements.
  • Carpentry & Woodwork:
    We have some great handymen on staff that can repair/rebuild/re-stain almost anything. Maybe you need a custom front door or some new cabinets. We can do it.
  • Landscaping & Pool Maintenance:
    It’s important to make sure the pool is properly maintained, calcium deposits removed, and equipment serviced regularly. Proper landscaping will make your property look its very best with flowers in bloom, manicured lawns, and trees kept neat and tidy.
  • Painting:
    Our professional painting crew is happy to tackle the hardest jobs with the highest ceilings. Whether you’re looking to just update a room, fix a few repairs, or paint the whole place – we’ve got you covered!
  • Appliances:
    Our property managers are trained to properly maintain your appliances so that everything is functioning well for your or your guests. Regular inspections and maintenance is what we willdo for you.
  • Flooring:
    Different surface types require specific cleaning and maintenance. Wood, stone, concrete, tile, marble all have different requirements and techniques. Our team can help restore and maintain these surfaces to your exacting level of detail.
  • Construction & Repairs:
    Have you been thinking of adding a new bedroom? Maybe extending the garage? a new addition to your home or maybe just a nice deck upgrade with a new palapa or pergola. We have some great architects, builders and designers to make your dreams a reality!